The best public social and health care services cost-efficiently

Quality and cost-efficiency go hand in hand.

Mehiläinen’s Oma operations model introduces a new approach to the public social and health care services that municipalities are required to organise. The emphasis in the operations lies on the continuous improvement of the operations, fast and nimble changes, and engaging the personnel in all development work. We always aim at top quality and availability, efficient operations methods, and at the continuous evaluation of the operations. In the Oma operations model, the municipality and the private service provider are partners who set the targets for the operations together and participate together in controlling all operations.

Mehiläinen’s Oma operations model offers the following service entities for municipal customers:

  • Oma Sote total outsourcing
  • Oma Lääkärisi health centres
  • Emergency services
  • Physicians for hire
  • Nurses for hire
  • Home care services
  • Consultation services for immigrants
  • School health care
  • Maternity and child health clinics
  • Home nursing and care of the elderly
  • Occupational Health Care services

For municipalities, the Oma operations model offers the following benefits:

  • the costs are competitive and under control: we produce services at the same cost level as the subscriber-customer’s own service production – and sometimes at even lower costs. The fixed price usually set for services also ensures that the costs are kept under control. In addition, the municipality achieves significant cost savings as, for example, the costs of specialised health care are reduced.
  • the development work of your own operations becomes quicker and more versatile: outsourced operations provide a good basis for sparring co-operation and for comparison with the municipality’s own operations. We implement co-operation as a confidential partnership in which information and best practices are shared openly which gives both parties the possibility to learn from each other.
  • the municipal residents are happy and the availability of workforce is guaranteed: our operations model takes care of both the municipal residents and the workforce and ensures the availability and continuity of high-quality services.

For municipal residents the Oma service promise means that

  • they can get an appointment: customers have been able to get a doctor’s appointment in all our health centres within two weeks in non-urgent matters – which, according to studies, has been the case only in about one fifth of the Finnish health centres (The National Institute for Health and Welfare, THL, 2013).
  • customers are happy: we evaluate customer satisfaction daily in all our health centres and we use the results of these evaluations for developing our operations. Approximately 90% of our customers are happy with our services (August 2015).
  • treatment is efficient: we measure the efficiency of treatment regularly and we aim to reach a treatment balance which minimises the risk of deterioration of the patient’s health. The share of patients with a good treatment balance has systematically increased.

The Oma operations are guided by a strong emphasis on quality. Our quality management system meets the requirements set in the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard and the quality certificate issued for our clinics has a wide coverage over our operations. The quality of our operations can be seen in high customer satisfaction, the effectiveness of the treatment, the availability of the services, and patient safety.